Kia ora and Welcome to the Biomouth Research Group


2016 Biomouth Research Group meeting

Abdul Sattar Din being presented the Jules Kieser award.

The 2016 Biomouth Research Group meeting was held on 7th-8th March 2016 in Fitzgerald Room at Plant & Food Research, Lincoln. Hosted by the Plant & Food Research in Lincoln, the event gathered around 26 researchers and students from engineering, food sciences, biology, dentistry and medicine. Twenty students and researchers presented their works including a keynote speaker, Cathy Lazarus, PhD, associate professor of Otolaryngology, who is also a research director of THANC Functional Outcomes Research Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The Biomouth 2016 meeting featured an inaugural Jules Kieser award with a cash prize of $500, which was presented to Abdul Sattar Din, a PhD student in Mechatronics engineering, university of Auckland for the excellent multidisciplinary nature of his work.


About the Biomouth Group

In November 2004, the Biomouth Research Group was established. The groups includes people within New Zealand all interested in various aspects of human mastication. We have collaborators from the University of Otago, School of Dentistry, the Institute of Technology and Engineering and the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health from Massey University, as well as the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at The University of Auckland.

At the Biomouth Symposium in Auckland (14-15 Dec 2006) it was decided to formally establish the Biomouth Research Group and a Charter was worked out. There is no formal membership procedure. The main communication channel is the Biomouth Research Group emailing list. This email list is also used to distribute a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter is very informal and everyone can subscribe and/or contribute.

The Biomouth Research Group aims to:

  1. Foster communication and collaboration between existing research groups within New Zealand that are involved or interested in mastication, jaw mechanics, food development, dentistry, or other related areas. 
  2. Raise our profile and showcase our research locally and internationally. 
  3. Seek collaboration with overseas laboratories. 
  4. Actively seek research funding for collaborative Biomouth projects





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